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My first commercial website. A 57 page introduction and guide to kinesiology, for TASK Ltd. This also happens to be the company I run with my partner since 2001. When we took over the last thing we could afford was to update our website, so..... I undertook the task of rebuilding it and making it the most comprehensive kinesiology website out there, with quick navigation and all the info that people are after.
My first customers website. Lynwood Aquatics, 14 pages of information, offers, plus pages of aquariums. The accessories page shows how you can get your products across without the use of pop ups and keeps the full focus on the website.
George Hudson the owner of Lynwoods is seeing the benefits of having a large and informative website by the extra customers coming through the door, and is now keen to expand the site with more specialized pages, not just for the first time visitor, also return visitors looking to see offers, etc. This site makes use of animations not just for the visual effect, but for information and offers.
ASC Coachworks are an established family run business. At the moment this site is in its infancy. Fortunately the business is doing well especially in this current economical time. A good example of a presence on the net with just a simple page. They are now starting to generate business from their website after only a short while.
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T and L Bricklaying are a brand new company and are using their website as their main advertising tool. As with ASC Coachworks above, the site just needs to be one, two or three pages at max. With just a small site you can get a lot of information to potential customers and clients.
A simple flash movie on this site allows the viewer to see example work until the company has built a bigger portfolio for their gallery page.
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